Acute Bronchitis Natural Medicine

Acute bronchitis is a condition in which the disease does not occur frequently, unlike chronic bronchitis, in which bronchitis symptoms occur repeatedly.

Natural medicines include herbs, such as mullein tea, easter lily, Yerba santa, and many others. Your choice of which herbs to use may depend upon your location. The sticky leaves of Yerba santa contain a resin which has been very beneficial in helping those with bronchitis to clear their lungs and breathe more easily. Horseradish is another herb that can be combined with other soothing herbs and used to get rid of lung debris. It can be prepared by scraping, rinsing, shredding and then placing the herb in oil overnight.

Ginger is widely used as an expectorant that can help to clear the bronchi. A single squirt of ginger in the mouth often clears the bronchi within minutes.

Another form of natural medicine is aromatherapy. Herbs such as eucalyptus, hyssop, and thyme are prepared to be inhaled. These herbs have an expectorant property and an aromatherapist can guide you in the preparation and selection of the best herb for your condition.

Relief from stress has been proven to aid in breathing. Stress causes many chemical inbalances within the body and should not be overlooked when seeking relief. A vegetable diet is often recommended with allowances for any possible allergens to be not included. A proper amount of magnesium is neccessary for those with respiratory problems. Colonic therapy, high fiber foods, exersize, and plenty of fresh air are neccessary and these may aid in ridding the body of toxic substances. Some may need a chelation therapy, which consists of a lung cleansing agent which may reverse free radical damage.

In other words, make certain the breathing environment is proper in addition to treating with acute bronchitis natural medicine in order to speed and insure quick recovery.