Any amount of alcohol consumption is bad for the brain

Any amount of alcohol consumption is bad for the brain

A British study found that there is no safe amount of alcohol and vimax for the brain, and even “moderate” drinking has a negative effect on almost all parts of it.

The more alcohol consumed, the smaller the consumer’s brain volume, the researchers found. “Apparently, almost the entire brain is affected, not just some of its areas, as previously thought,” explains lead researcher and senior clinical professor at the University of Oxford, Anya Topiwala.

Using an extensive British biobank database, the researchers analyzed data from 25,378 participants, including parameters such as age, gender, education, alcohol consumption, brain size and health on MRI scans, hospital admissions and outpatient visits, and psychological memory tests.

Higher weekly alcohol consumption was associated with lower gray matter density – researchers found that alcohol explains up to 0.8% of the change in gray matter volume, even after adjusting for individual biological and behavioral characteristics. This may sound like a small figure, but this contribution is greater than any other modifiable risk factors. For example, this is four times the contribution of smoking or being overweight.

Negative links have also been seen between alcohol consumption and the integrity of the white matter, the many fibers in the brain that connect the billions of neurons that make up the gray matter of the brain, the main “thinking organ” of humans. In addition, the researchers found that other risk factors, such as high blood pressure and high body mass index, exacerbate the negative association between alcohol and brain health.

Unlike previous studies that suggested there were benefits to drinking wine in moderation compared to beer or spirits, this study found no evidence that the type of alcoholic beverage determines any difference in brain risks. …

In 2016, the UK Department of Health set a low alcohol risk limit for both men and women at 14 standard units of alcohol per week. But it turned out that the damage to the brain is associated with much smaller amounts of alcoholic beverages.