What if I have Covid-19?

What if I have Covid-19?

Every day my acquaintances contact me with different symptoms of ARVI:

– “Can I have a crown?” ⠀

Yes maybe. Now a pandemic of coronavirus infection, the symptoms of which differ little from ARVI. ⠀

“So, what are my actions? Calling an ambulance? Use https://pillintrip.com/ru/medicine/pedifen?” ⠀
To answer this question, you need a short questionnaire: ⠀
-Age? ⠀
-How are you feeling? ⠀
– Do you have chronic diseases? -Do you get any medication every day? ⠀
-Is it possible to isolate yourself from your family? Especially if there are pregnant women among them, people with severe background pathology, old people? ⠀

✔If you are young, feel good, breathe easily, live alone or have the possibility of isolation – stay at home for 14 days, treat symptoms

❗If after a week or earlier it becomes difficult to breathe, chest pain, weakness appear, urgently call an ambulance. ⠀

➡In all other cases, the doctor’s consultation is needed to determine the strategy: stay at home, be hospitalized, adjust the baseline, add drugs, etc. Why not immediately an ambulance? Do they do tests, prescribe treatment, I’m calmer, won’t we start the disease?

🔴Fast uploaded ⠀
🔴doctors face the infected, they can become a source of infection themselves ⠀
🔴You can become a source of infection for the doctor ⠀

And all why ⠀
❌ There is no effective treatment. Inpatient therapy is aimed at relieving symptoms, in particular oxygen supply due to lung damage. ⠀
❌We are not yet able to prevent a severe course. There is no vaccine, no preventive treatment. ⠀
❌We do not yet know why some people have a difficult disease, while others are asymptomatic. Age and chronic pathology are important. That’s all. ⠀

How can we help ourselves❓ ⠀
☀Sport ⠀
☀vitamins (# vit D) ⠀
☀full nutrition ⠀
😉 good attitude: remember, this is temporary, you need to go through it, everything will be over soon, and by this moment we must be mentally safe! ⠀
💉Continue vaccination. It’s okay if your deadlines are violated. We deliver what you need (excl: rotatek up to 32 weeks) ⠀
💊Continue basic therapy, for example, BA (ICS, montelukast NOT ⬆ chances of getting sick, but obstruction ➕ to 👑 will worsen the prognosis due to existing inflammation) ⠀

🕛Take off asthma attacks in time. If you can’t cope, see a doctor
What you don’t need to do:

Try to treat something: soda, alcohol by mouth or inhalation (dangerous! Can cause severe cough, obstruction),

Purchase drugs included in the hospital treatment protocols (chloroquine, plaquenil, etc.). They have side effects, it is dangerous to take it on their own, the effect is