What Is Bronchitis

Bronchitis is a respiratory problem and a common one. Most of us have had bronchitis in the acute form. It can also come in a chronic or recurring form. Bronchitis is an obstruction of the bronchi or tubes that lead to the lungs. Some of the factors that lead to this condition are childhood diseases and habits such as smoking or working in an occupation in which the air is not clean. Air pollution found in many large cities can lead to bronchitis.

People who develop bronchitis have a dry cough that is non productive in that it does not help clear the bronchial tubes of mucus. Sometimes, the person has a fever and chest or back pain. Such people may have trouble walking briskly and appear to be exhausted after a moderate amount of walking or other activity. Sometimes, victims of bronchitis develop lung infections and may exhibit a blue skin. This is a sign of a lack of oxygen and too much carbon dioxide in the blood.

Your body needs a constant supply of oxygen in order to keep you alive and perform it's daily tasks. This is accomplished through breathing and therefore, you must take care to protect your lungs from airborne contaminants that may weaken your lungs and lead to bronchitis or other respiratory diseases. The lungs also perform the task of eliminating excess carbon dioxide as it is released from your blood. So, the tasks performed by the respiratory system is two- fold and depenant upon the health of the lungs.

When the bronchi, the tubes or airways within the lungs, become inflamed, the condition is known as bronchitis. Bronchitis may lead to more serious conditions such as pneumonia if not treated. Most of us have had bronchitis but not pneumonia. Pay attention to your respiratory condition and if you feel that you have the symptoms of bronchitis, see that you get the medical attention you need.